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Helping working families & seniors in Tennessee:  Since its establishment in 2010, The Angel Fund has changed the lives of many working families.  We have aided and assisted seniors.  We gave them companionship and fellowship.  We enhanced their self esteem and helped them to feel their worth to enable them to keep their life in order.  Even when they’re tired, they manage to put one foot in front of the other.  We try to see their sadness and help them with the re-birth of their smile. 


HOW DOES THE ANGEL FUND HELP:  We have many seniors in our area living alone.  We provide benevolent assistance.  Many seniors do not need financial support.  However they are in dire need of attention and companionship.  Time turns the pages and life goes so fast.  We are aware of many seniors who feel less than their worth.  We have volunteers that receive much self satisfaction in visiting our seniors.  Everyone does not have the skills to enhance seniors self esteem and listen and respond with empathy and continue to listen to the person even if they are repeating the same thing.  We have been very blessed with people from our church more than willing to reach out and touch someone. 


The families that are touched by the Angel Fund sometimes ask to aid and assist a person unable to do necessary duties needed.  We will make it clear that it is not a requirement.  They are very happy to cut their grass, clean their garage, etc., for the senior person that is unable to do the required work needed.  We do have many seniors having problems making their finances cover all their necessary needs.  We have caring people in hospitals, doctors and our senior center feeding us ongoing input.  We provide financial aid when our bank balance enables us. 


The primary goal of the Angel Fund is to provide financial aid for hard working people that have met a hump and need a financial bump to stay on track.  There are lots of good charities who do good work.  The Angel Fund is not a charity that provides entitlements or dependence.  



589 Westwood Lane

Estill Springs, TN.  37330


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